Geoff Brann

Hometown: Hartsdale, NY

Majors: Information Science

Activities and Societies: Cornell Club Baseball TeamBig Red Marching BandCornell Sports Analytics

I am a junior studying Information Science and Philosophy. My interest lies in computer ethics, which requires that I delve into the humanities where issues of freedom, trade, theft, education and war have already been contemplated, long before they made headlines in connection with technology. It is not the coders and programmers to whom we should be looking to resolve issues of ethics and privacy - it is the ethicists and scholars who know, at the very least, what those terms mean and how they apply. I am hoping to begin research with the Digital Life Initiative on the Tech Campus this summer.

I am also a Tanner Dean’s Scholar, on the Cornell Club Baseball Team, am a member of Cornell Sports Analytics, and play saxophone in the Big Red Marching Band.