Jenna Fields

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

Majors: English and College Scholar

Minor: Computer Science

Activities and SocietiesREACH TutoringSWE (Society of Women Engineers)Cornell Literary Society E-Board

I was born in Boston, but I moved to the California Bay Area before high school. One of my majors is English, and my other major is "The Possibility and Ethics of Attempting to Recreate Consciousness." I've always loved contemplating what it means to be human; by creating my own major with the College Scholar Program, I have the opportunity to curate a path of study to try to answer this question.

What better way to understand the human experience than studying how to recreate it? My main areas of interest include computer science, cognitive science, philosophy, and literature. If I'm not coding or reading Woolf, you can find me writing poetry or prose; working on a new plant-based, sustainable recipe; or playing piano, ukulele, or guitar.