Jessica Wiemels

Hometown: Berkeley, California

Majors: Government

Activities and Societies: I am a problem solver, an innovative thinker, and an optimistic learner. My passions are built around the two aspects that make up my being: the logic that stimulates my thoughts, and the creativity that excites my soul. Thus, my curiosities are always pulling me towards the in-between’s, or rather, the “ands.”

I see the world through a creative lens. My experience in Model United Nations has made me quick on my feet and able to produce creative solutions to real world problems. Similarly, growing up as a competitive figure skater and dancer has instilled in me the unwavering desire to transform diligent effort into a beautiful creation. I am an aspiring lawyer with a passion for social justice and literature. I see myself as a member of the Milstein program, forging a unique path of innovative and interdisciplinary thinking, combining logic and creativity, law and philosophy, politics and poetry. In my free time, I love painting, singing, listening to music, and going out with my friends. I love starting new projects and I’m always down to explore and try new things.