Johann Lee

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, CA

Majors: Computer Science and Economics

Although I was born in a society dominated by social media, my childhood bookshelf was trapped in the Victorian era. Over the years, these competing interests have manifested in my tech projects, which focus on the intersection between the humanities and technology. My past research projects  — which include algorithms predicting the effects of adult cannabis legalization on teenagers, programs forecasting a book’s position on the New York Times Best Seller list, and classification models foretelling the locations of forest fires — have focused on using technology to address societal problems.   

I plan to major in Computer Science and Economics, and maybe dabble into linguistics and finance. Working with my peers and professors at both Cornell Tech and Ithaca, I hope to build upon my interest in neural networks to empower the humanities and find innovative solutions to existing conundrums. 

My other hobbies include windsurfing, skiing, DJ-ing, and apologizing for hitting the tennis balls out of the court.