Krishiv Shah

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Majors: Computer Science

Activities and Societies: 

“Select the languages you are proficient in.” Whenever I come across this question, instinctively searching for Java, C# or Python, I slowly come to the realization that the question refers to human languages. The momentary lapse serving as testament to a long nurtured Computer Science obsession which began with Scratch and miniature bots in grade 6, culminating in various internships, self-directed projects, community collaborations and research papers. While I do enjoy exploring the theoretic underpinnings of computer systems and algorithmic paradigms, what interests me even more is their practical application. I enjoy puzzles, and contextualizing programs as solutions to real-world situations is my way of utilizing the power of computation and algorithmic thinking to solve the puzzles that constitute the world around me.

With the Milstein Program I hope to leverage my theoretical pedigree to collaboratively build tangible solutions to real-world problems with a special focus on the humanities. At the moment, my interests include Algo-trading, LSTM Models, Sentiment Analysis, Web3, Open-Source software operations and developing Elixir applications.

Outside of academics, I’m a gym rat, I enjoy hiking and listening to House, R&B and Hip-Hop- I’m an amateur producer too and hope to get a debut project out by December. I’m also a stage manager and concert organizer and love being in the thick of chaos! I really enjoy oratory conferences, writing music reviews and solving sudoku.

My favourite artist is Ye but my favourite producer is Royce David.