Krystal Ohubunwa

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Intended Major: Computer Science

Growing up, I dreaded the idea of having to choose one area of study to focus on for the rest of my life. I loved reading ancient literature as much as I did proving the congruence of two triangles. I debated anyone on philosophical issues, however I know my unit circle by heart. I love writing stories and drawing just as much as I love calculus and physics. It wasn't until my first Computer Science course that I truly felt like I had found my home. I could write, design, and be creative, as well as think logically, critically analyze, and problem solve all in one class.

Technology is extremely relevant in today’s world, and a holistic understanding of the humanities will aid me in understanding my place in society and how my creations can improve the world’s biggest societal issues. The Milstein Program is an absolute dream program for me, because it allows me to be technical, while also coaching me on how I can use those technical skills to be creative and improve the world around me. Overall, I want to never stop creating; never stop creating novels to inspire the masses, and never stop creating softwares or apps to help those in need. I am so excited to be apart of the Milstein family, and learn more about the humanistic impacts and uses of technology in our great big world.