Marian Caballo

Hometown: Queens, NY

Majors: Biology & Society

Activities and Societies: 

I’ve always been drawn to the in-betweens. While attending The Bronx High School of Science, my varied interests led me to both the research lab and newsroom—where I questioned the world around me chasing the “whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys.” Simultaneously, my experiences working at The New York Hall of Science allowed me to mesh my passions while exploring how science stretches beyond rigid textbooks.

Having grown up in the melting pot that is Queens, New York, I’m particularly fascinated by how different cultures and social structures interact with biology in the real world. Media and science communication can add creative excitement to these health/biology mysteries while informing the public and, in turn, sparking tangible change. As important as it is to study socio-scientific relationships, it’s just as important to cultivate them.

Through the Milstein program, I’m eager to dive into digital culture as I explore the multifaceted ways technology enriches our world. When not behind a microscope or camera lens, you can find me adventuring with friends, crocheting with music fully blasting in my ears, or taking dance classes!