Mia Desravines

Hometown: Baldwin, NY

Majors: Economics or Biology

Activities and Societies: 

During my high school career, I was involved in many things. I continued my 15-year-old dance career and I partook in extracurricular activities such as being a Peer Educator, a mentor for underclassmen of color, and a volleyball player and manager. In my final year, I led the Black Student Alliance Club which I founded. During the summer of 2020, I launched WriteON!, which virtually connects high school pen pals with senior citizens living in assisted living. Due to an experience in my life, I empathized with them, and I was glad I can remedy their feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Also, my academic interests in Biology and Economics peaked. In my junior year biology class, I realized I could enjoy a career involving biotechnology and genetics. Meanwhile, I was furthering my interest in Economics by participating in everything that had to do with Finance, Business, and Economics. I am elated to be a part of The Milstein Program because I can explore my passions and seek the intersections between Humanities and Sciences.