Natasha Singer

Monday, October 29, 12 – 1 p.m. with lunch to follow

Tatkon Center

"Creepy or Not? Holding Big Tech Accountable Through Journalism". Milstein Program students will have the opportunity to meet with Natasha Singer, a New York Times journalist covering the intersection of technology, business, policy and society for a talk about digital innovations and design thinking.

Natasha Singer is a technology reporter at The New York Times where she covers the intersection of technology, business and society. She also teaches a tech innovation ethics course at The School Of The New York Times, the newspaper's pre-college program. She was recently a fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute in Manhattan.

Natasha's work examines the infrastructure of tech industry influence on society, work, education and healthcare, with a particular focus on data privacy and fairness. Her recent series for the Times, called "Education Disrupted," uncovered how tech giants like Google and Microsoft are working to reshape public education. Her previous Times series on the consumer data industry, called "You For Sale," helped prompt several congressional and federal investigations, as well as the enactment of student online data privacy laws in California and other states.

In her work as a reporter, Natasha often interviews tech executives, start-up founders, venture capitalists, law-makers, regulators, academic researchers and student entrepreneurs. In this talk, she will show how she uses journalistic techniques to examine the impact of emerging technologies on education, health and politics; and she will discuss some of the outcomes of her recent stories.

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