Pareesay Afzal

Hometown: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Majors: English and Information Science

Minor: Music

Activities and Societies: HavenContrapunkt

STEM and the humanities are, to me, like the mind and the heart - although most of my educational background has been in pure-science and technology areas, my interest in the humanities stretching from language, literature, and music, have non-binarized my way of viewing the world we live in and given me impetus to apply my STEM-cultivated skills towards meaningful endeavors. 

Through the Milstein opportunity, I would be deeply interested in taking on projects that explore — or create—anti-colonialist, anti-patriarchal, and anti-capitalist intersections with technology; this, in my view, is significant to address in a world where, for example, technological superiority is one of imperialism’s tools to exclude and exploit communities and rob them from the confidence to stand on their own feet. Beyond everything, I just hope to express myself honestly through my work in a way that inspires others to do so too. 

In my free time, I dip into reading, writing, and noodling around on the guitar.