Vipin Gunda

Hometown: Iselin, NJ

Intended Major: Computer Science

Throughout high school, I’ve had many opportunities to experience collaboration in STEM and the humanities. For instance, I was a member of the mechanical and programming teams for FIRST robotics, I worked with professionals as a programming intern and a lab intern, and I collaborated with other officers as the president of my local American Cancer Society and Science Honor Society. 

But as I became more involved in tutoring disadvantaged children through a local community center, I came to value humanities, which at first seemed incompatible with my interest in STEM. Through the Milstein Program, I hope to  work on projects that use technology to benefit the lives of others and find an intersection between humanities and STEM. I am grateful for this unique opportunity to work with like-minded Cornellians and excited to see what's in store for the Class of 2025.

As per my hobbies, I have recently started playing piano and picked up gardening. I love playing pickup basketball over the weekends and watching NBA games. I also enjoy trivia and science bowls.