Zayana Khan

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Intended Major: Computer Science

I’m a freshman from Mumbai, India, planning to major in Computer Science while simultaneously exploring Philosophy and Ethics, Economics and Finance. 

During an internship with a cyber-security firm, I realized that CS extends beyond coding into areas such as data privacy and cybersecurity policies. As someone who has also harbored an interest in Philosophy and Ethics, I’m keen to delve into the nuanced ethical dilemmas posed by our virtual lives and topics such as surveillance of citizens and the ethics of intelligent autonomous systems. 

Through the Milstein Program, I hope to apply my love for CS to my varied interests in the Humanities. I hope to gain insight from the diverse experiences of my peers and professors and explore my entrepreneurial side by developing innovative tech-based solutions to the challenges we face today. 

My hobbies include theatre, reading, eating dark chocolate and watching movies.